CHEST Opens Innovation, Simulation and Training Center

CHEST Opens Innovation, Simulation and Training Center

New facility will revitalize pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine

By Lauren Greaves

The American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) recently relocated to its new global headquarters in Glenview, Ill., a 48,500 square foot facility that will house close to 100 professional staff. It will also be the site of an education and training facility that will put CHEST at the forefront of research, education and patient care. The facility is designed for delivering clinical education in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine, according to a press release from the college. Continue reading

Stuttering: Tips for Parents

Stuttering, sometimes referred to as stammering, is a communication disorder in which the flow of speech is broken by repetitions, prolongations, or abnormal stoppages of sounds and syllables. In the United States, over three million people in the general population stutter and 5% of all children stutter for a period of 6 months or more. While the majority of children recover naturally by late childhood, stuttering becomes a long-term problem for approximately one-quarter of that group.

If you are a parent of a child who stutters, you know that everyday conversations and interactions can be challenging, often resulting in frustration for both parent and child. Maybe you don’t know what speech techniques to employ, or you don’t recognize the speaking and listening habits you use regularly that make things more difficult for your child to communicate.

Because of the problems that families face, speech-language pathologists and speech therapists have developed effective tips for parents on how to talk to your child that stutters.  These methods range from listening techniques to positive reinforcement, and they are all designed to help build up your child’s communication skills and to boost his overall confidence.

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CVS and Cigarettes

CVS Caremark recently announced that as of Oct. 1 of this year they will no longer be selling cigarettes and tobacco products at any CVS/pharmacy or Minute Clinic locations. This news came as a surprise to both the general public and the healthcare community, and while it seems like a small move in a country where one in every five adults is a cigarette smoker, it’s a big step in the right direction.

“It sends a loud message across the country,” said Michael Baumann, MD, MS, FCCP, President of the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST).  “A pharmacy retailer stopping the sale of tobacco is a great and symbolic approach. CHEST applauds this decision.” Continue reading

Gethrr Pledge


I, ____________________ , pledge to remember that my every word and action, no matter how tiny or solitary, is far bigger than I am, and, therefore, I will strive to make it count. I will see the opportunity to lend a hand, foot, elbow, appendage, etc., and I will do whatever I can to make someone else’s day a little easier and happier. I will try to make random acts of kindness less random. And I will know that this kindness extends to people, animals, and this beautiful blue marble I inhabit.

I pledge to recognize that the world is both big and small – it’s the neighborhood I live in, the local stores I shop at, the county where I reside, and the country I come from. I can affect change on any one of these levels, and I will do so for my family, my friends, complete strangers, and the generations who will inherit the planet I leave behind. I will embrace this community because it will challenge me to find fun and expressive ways to give back, and, just as importantly, it will remind me that I am not alone, because my community is a community of us, of people who are humble, helpful, and grateful.



Fantastic book.  Imaginative.  Lovely and sad.  So many blurred lines between what’s real and what’s magic, what truly makes our hearts ache, and what’s just smoke and mirrors.  Begs the question, how do we find a place for ourselves in a world of misery and woe, that little piece of lively happiness?  Also, is the devil’s work on earth done because we can take care of all that just fine ourselves?


Not enough words, not enough stars.  This book was astonishing. It set my mind on a course that it hasn’t wondered down for a long time and had me crying like a baptized baby on the train by the end of it.  The writing is incomparable, as is the story.  They work together to move you to the core, and the voice of the Reverend John Ames as he writes this love letter of a book to his young son will bring you to your knees!  How could a novel about life, about existence, about love and loyalty, about war and peace and God and Heaven be so graspable? This book will be one that you will not soon forget. It will sit in your head and your heart long after you’ve put it back on the shelves.


I can’t believe how glad I am to be done this book!!!  By the time we finally reached the 1900s, I was past ready for it to be over.

That being said, it’s nothing to do with how well I enjoyed it, up until the point I got tired of it.  A book like this is truly an undertaking, and while I wouldn’t exactly sing the praises of the writing or the plots (lots and lots and lots of people with secret affairs, secret children, secret money stashes, etc…it felt a little soap opera-y) I just loved reading about the history of a place from basically biblical times, to basically present day. Something I can never wrap my mind around is just what has happened at these spots where we stand and breathe and live everyday.  And more personally, just what has happened in my family’s history. I didn’t pop into being some 26 years ago, from a little love and nothingness.  If I’m on the planet it’s because my descendants were on the planet long ago.  For the most part I will never know what they did, who they were, what kind of love and happiness they found.  But this book, and all of Rutherfurd’s similar novels, give you a glimpse into just what that journey into the past would be like, with a few far-fetched plot points in between. Continue reading